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Sharp N All is experienced sharpening all types of shears and clipper blades from the beauty to animal grooming industry. If you started sharp, why not stay sharp with Sharp N All?

Each shear/scissor goes through the following checklist:

  • Cleaning

  • Ride Line

  • Tips

  • Alignment

  • finger rests

  • bumpers

  • tension and oil

Shipping is easy.

Wrap your items tightly in bubble wrap;
get a postpaid box from the post office; and mail them.


John at Sharp N All
1385 Highview Drive
Milbank, SD 57252

Shear Sharpening Guarantee

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Sharp N All is a qualifiedSharp N All is a qualified harp N All is a qualified sharpener and dealer for these
quality shear companies...

 Washi Scissor Company  Bonika Shears
 The Scissor Mall
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Sharp N All

Sharpening fee is
$6 per set.


Clipper getting a little dull? Send them to Sharp N All!!

Sharp 'N'All is trained and equipped for sharpening and servicing clipper blades for the salon and animal grooming industry.

Your clipper will be sharpened, with attention to spring tension, glides and sockets. Blades will be sharp, clean, oiled and shipped back to you asap.

Remember...You won't find better customer service than the care you receive from Sharp N All.