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Shear Sharpening Services at Sharp N All

If you send your shears by mail:

The cost is $16 per shear for any salon shear; bevel; convex; thinning or even curved.


Items are sharpened quickly, packaged and shipped back to you with our money back guarantee... If you are not totally satisfied with your items, your money will be refunded... no questions asked!

Shipping Instructions:

Depending on how fast you need them, you can ship them overnight with Fedex or you can use regular mail [1 to 3 day] through Post Office. Be sure to wrap your shear in bubble wrap or some other soft material. You can also insure your shear if you like.

Short return time!

Postmarked BACK TO YOU within 3 days from the time I receive them, usually the same day. Please allow for vacations and emergencies. Thanks.


Sharp N All is a qualified sharpener and dealer for quality shear companies Washi, and Lexon...


Washi Scissor Company

Bonika Shears

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