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Selling Washi and Lexon Salon Shears

I can "FIX" lots of worn shears and mistakes made by other sharpeners... but I can't make new ones out of old ones. Sometimes you just have to buy a new shear.

When that time comes... please allow me the joy of helping you. The three listed here are quality companies with quality products. Just click on the site... find the shear you want... and give me a call at 605.280.1592

Washi Scissor Company Bonika Shears
The Scissor Mall

Some rules for buying shears:

The higher the price the better grade of steel and the better the steel, the longer they will hold their edge. The right shear will give your customer a better hair cut and... they will help protect your hand and wrist from damage. When you can afford a better shear... treat yourself to the best one you can. I can help you find that perfect fit at the right price... John

May Special
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Price $225

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